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Keeping an emergency phone number is certainly very important. Maybe some of you are very familiar with phone numbers. Whether it’s ever calling some of those numbers or just looking from a fictional movie.

Usually in some fictional films tell scenes that make the player have to use important calls to overcome dangerous situations. An emergency phone number is one of the important things that many people must know.

It will be much safer if you always remember how many emergency numbers can be contacted. Maybe all this time you only understand the important number 911 but does the number apply in Indonesia?

The number 911 is usually often used for some overseas films that can cope with a wide variety of emergency situations. Have you ever tried to use that number in Indonesia? We will provide an explanation to make it easier for you to contact him if there is a big problem.

Save Emergency Phone Number for What?

Before trying to save an emergency phone number it’s a good idea to try to understand first what a number is in an emergency. Almost everyone must have the opportunity to experience some unwanted event anywhere  and anytime.

There are some events that are not less comfortable for example such as needing medical help because the disease suffered relapse. Not only that but it can also be used to call emergency numbers as well as fires, criminality, violence, and others.

Some of these important numbers can help you to make things much safer and resolved quickly. But only until this moment not many people know the emergency number of Indonesia. Even some of them do not know that the emergency number is available to help overcome various problems.

Almost all emergency numbers use 3-digit numbers because it is to make it easier to remember. But some of them feel curious when making a call on  the important number  whether the phone number will be tracked.

You don’t have to worry about your phone  number will be tracked easily depending on the  nearest operator tower that has been used. So this will help you get help faster.

In 2016 the Ministry of Communications and Informatics published the emergency single number service at 112. However, it can only be used in 2019.

How does the system work? The program is the government’s cooperation with the region, the goal is to help the community to always be safe. Reportedly the number has been tried in 100 regions in Indonesia.

Save Important Emergency Phone Numbers As Needed

How to save an emergency phone number?  Of course you have to help to get the number first. There are a few numbers you  should know such as 118 or 119 to call an ambulance. But it is different if you are in the DKI Jakarta area then call (021-65303118).

As for overcoming a fire or some other obstacle that requires help from firefighters, you can call 113. For emergency phone number 110 you  can use to contact the police.

While 115 is used to contact SAR or BASARNAS. Then contact the natural disaster post please call 129 and finally there is PLN to file a complaint or other information is at 123.

Why not use one number for all emergency needs? Of course , you have to call the number according to the problems that have been faced to facilitate and speed up the help process.

Not much different from the services offered by 911, all the numbers above can help you to overcome various problems quickly and precisely.

So it is very important for the people of Indonesia to know some ways to overcome various problems that may be helped by certain parties.

Save Other Emergency Phone  Numbers to Resolve Complaints

To keep an emergency phone number that can help you completely then there are a few more numbers that must be known. Here are some important phone numbers that you  should take note of.


The first number is Komnas HAM which will help you to overcome various unpleasant things such as discrimination, torture irregularities that can cause pain, or even the taking of some human rights, and also harassment.

You can call 021-3925230. Everyone is entitled to protection from the state, therefore a number is provided for KOMNAS HAM.

  1. KOMNAS Perempuan

As a woman, of course , you can get protection from the Download Aplikasi state safely through komnas perempuan. This can be used to help you overcome various kinds of domestic and sexual violence so that victims can get good security.

Contact komnas perempuan at 021-3903963. Actually , you don’t need to worry because komnas HAM will help protect you from perpetrators and also the price of some things that do not make the victim feel comfortable.

  1. KPAI

Finally , you can contact the KPAI or the Child Protection Commission to overcome various problems experienced by children. For example, children get abuse and injustice or even ignored.

KPAI tries its best to overcome various problems owned by children in order to fight for the rights of victims.  You can contact KPAI at 021 319015. That way, KPAI will review various kinds of things to overcome problems in children.

Save Emergency Phone Number Do ini When Contacting

There are still many Indonesians who do not understand the function of saving emergency phone numbers on smartphones, but for those of you who have saved and needed the number at the time of emergency or some things to do.

You should pay close attention when going to call the number above.

  1. First you have to stay calm and answer all the questions that are often asked by the party receiving calls. In certain circumstances this is very difficult for the victim to do because he feels very panicked.

But keep in mind that answering questions clearly will help you to be helped in difficult situations.

  1. Next you should also pay attention to whether you are in known territory or not. You can use certain events, for example, see the nearest building as a sign.
  2. The other most important thing you should also teach children about emergency phone numbers. This is very important and make sure that you don’t use it to mess around.

By introducing to the child, it can be ensured if there are undesirable circumstances, it can make the child get ease.

By saving an emergency phone number to overcome some uncomfortable conditions will certainly be very helpful. Do not let you think of the phone number as something trivial because at one time it is needed.

It is better if you memorize how many numbers and above are considered important and may be needed. Solving the problem quickly and precisely will help you to get a lot of convenience through saving emergency phone numbers on your smartphone or memory.